Storms continue to batter swathes of America in the path of ex-Hurricane Beryl while the rest of the country fries under a dome of fire.

The cost of clearing the destruction wrought by the Category-5 superstorm is thought to run to more than $30billion.

The remnants of the tropical storm, which over the past week ploughed through the Caribbean before crashing into the Texan coast, will now hammer the Midwest, Interior Northeast and New England.

Meanwhile, soaring temperatures threaten a deadly 110F-plus heatwave across southern and western states.

Hurricane Beryl destructionHurricane Beryl has brought destruction across the Texas coastGetty

AccuWeather meteorologist Alex DaSilva said: “The heat and humidity is going to be tough for people without power.

“All of the moisture from the rainfall and flooding is evaporating and sending real-feel temperatures soaring above 100F.

“It’s going to be hot for families and contractors repairing damaged homes, and for the utility crews working in the sun, trying to restore power for millions of people.”

Extreme heat is being driven by a high-pressure ‘heat dome’ smothering the western quadrant of the US.

The National Weather Service (NOAA) has ‘Excessive Heat Warnings’ in force across California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Utah.

While temperatures in these regions will soar to unbearable highs, the dome will fend off the effects of ex-beryl.


Flooding risk

Flooding risk across the northeast


Energy and storm fronts linked to the storm will collide with the edge of the dome to be shunted north-eastwards.

However, torrential downpours, flooding, high winds and the risk of tornadoes threaten the peripheries.

Jim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services and US weather correspondent, said: “We are still watching this dome of heat over the northwest quadrant of the United States, and here is where temperatures will rise past the 100F mark.

“Around the edge, there will be the risk of storms as cooler air meets the very hot air and rain-bearing weather systems come out of the Gulf of Mexico.

“The dome will also bat off the effects of Beryl as the remnants of the hurricane pass north-eastwards, but under it, extreme heat and dry winds will raise the risk of wildfires.”

NOAA has issued warnings for flooding across parts of the country where heavy downpours threaten flooding.

Sweltering heat

Southern states will be hit with extreme heat


Beryl’s final death throes will bring ‘copious moisture’ and the risk of ‘dangerous floods’ through the rest of the week.

AccuWeather meteorologist Jon Porter said: “The threat of heavy rain and flooding is serious.

“We don’t want people in the path of Beryl to let their guard down because over the next few days, there could be dangerous flash flooding as copious moisture streams northward from Beryl.

“At times, these storms are essentially hitting the brakes and dumping heavy rain over the same areas for hours and hours; that will result in a significant flash flooding risk.”

A NOAA spokesman added: “Post-Tropical Cyclone Beryl will continue north-eastward through Ohio and into Ontario and rainfall will increase over northern areas of New York into New England.

“Thunderstorms could be severe in some parts of the Lower Great Lakes and the interior Northeast, with some tornado potential.”