The leader of the DUP has said the Twelfth of July is a day for “expressing our faith, our culture and our heritage” in a statement ahead of tomorrow’s festivities.

Gavin Robinson, who won the East Belfast seat in last week’s Westminster election beating Alliance Party leader Naomi Long, recalled his own experience of the Twelfth of July as a young boy.

“The Twelfth of July demonstrations across Northern Ireland bring hundreds of thousands of people together to remember the Glorious Revolution of 1688, which enshrined the fundamental principles we continue to enjoy, of civil and religious liberty for all,” he said.

“As a young boy growing up in East Belfast, I recall ‘The Twelfth’ being a day greatly anticipated. I was captivated by the colour, the music and pageantry of the day.”

The East Belfast MP said it’s important that the Twelfth of July is “celebrated positively”, and afforded respect “by all as we build a truly shared, tolerant society”.

“Now, it is my turn to bring my family together for ‘The Twelfth’. These traditions, that span the generations, are intrinsic to who we are,” he added.

“It is about publicly expressing our faith, our culture, our heritage. It is about celebrating, respectfully, our identity. In an increasingly diverse Northern Ireland, it is important that the Orange culture is celebrated positively, and afforded respect by all as we build a truly shared, tolerant society.

“As the leader of Unionism, I will work across Government in London and Stormont, as well as local Council, to ensure this cultural celebration is supported and its potential harnessed for Northern Ireland.”

The DUP leader also singled out Scarva, the annual sham fight celebration set to be attended by tens of thousands of people. Taking place in the Co Down village on July 13, the annual ‘fight’ features a recreation of the battle between rival monarchs William and James alongside a large-scale procession through Scarva.

This year’s event will feature nine visiting preceptories, including visitors from Australia and New Zealand, who will join the parade of 4,000 members of the Royal Black Institution and around 85 bands.

“I wish all those taking part in or attending parades across Northern Ireland today, and indeed tomorrow at Scarva, a very enjoyable day.”

Mr Robinson also highlighted broadcaster’s GB News’ upcoming coverage of the day throughout Northern Ireland. Beginning in the morning, baroness Arlene Foster will team up with former Corrie star Charlie Lawson again to provide Twelfth of July coverage for GB News this summer.

Watch: The Loyalist Corcrain bonfire in Portadown is lit as the Twelfth celebrations begin

The channel confirmed it will broadcast segments of the biggest day in the Orange Order’s marching season with the ex-DUP leader and former First Minister featured in the on screen line-up.

And for those unable to attend a demonstration, we are thankful that once again GB News will be broadcasting from the Twelfth, this time from Carrickfergus, in addition to some wonderful coverage of how the Glorious Revolution legacy impacted across the world.”

Last month, the DUP leader down played fears that the breakdown of a parade agreement in north Belfast could lead to disorder on the streets.

He said he did not detect an “appetite” for trouble in the Ardoyne area, reiterating a police statement made which said they didn’t believe there was an “appetite for disorder on any side” and hoped a resolution could be found.