• Stellantis’ Ram brand just patented a pair of third-row jump seats for its pickup trucks
  • Don’t call it an SUV—the perches could be removed and used for tailgating
  • Sound familiar? We’ve seen this before, on a concept truck teased just last year

There’s no arguing that pickups have swollen to gargantuan proportions over the last number of years. Locked in a perpetual mine-is-bigger-than-yours game, don’t expect the largess from Detroit’s truck-makers to abate any time soon. The latest volley in this back-and-forth? Three rows of seating. Yes, in a pickup.

Eagle-eyed patent-spotters south of the border have uncovered documents showing Ram could be working on the concept of adding a pair of jump seats to some of its pickup trucks. The perches aren’t thrones, but they are forward-facing, and are intended to be removed for tailgating purposes.

If all this sounds familiar, give yerself a gold star. Ram trotted out this concept in the Ram 1500 Revolution BEV last January, along with numerous other innovations (to say nothing of the forward-looking style choices). Just a few short months later, it managed to let all the air out of that particular balloon by showing what it really planned to produce, the Ram 1500 REV we know today.

It’s shaping up to be an eminently capable machine, but one which differs from its gasoline-powered brother in the way an F-150 Lightning differs from an F-150 EcoBoost: unique front and rear fascias and a huge frunk but, overall, nothing that moves the needle in wild fashion.

Which is why this patent for a third row of seats, published last week and filed nearly 12 months after the original electric Ram 1500 three-row truck appeared on the show circuit, is so notable.

In reality, busting a few norms in an outrageous fashion would hardly be new territory for Ram, a company which literally has something called a Mega Cab in its portfolio of brutish pickup trucks — not to mention other outsized aggressions like Power Wagon and the upcoming Ramcharger. About the only whiff off this particular bat is the name ‘eTorque’ for its mild-hybrid system, a decidedly non-aggro name which should really have been called something like RAID (Ram Anti-Ignition Device).

Ram 1500 Revolution
Ram 1500 Revolution Battery-electric Vehicle Concept featuring jump seatsPhoto by Stellantis

At any rate, this author has long been of the opinion that a three-row Wrangler would sell like proverbial hotcakes, and a three-row Ram pickup truck would be no different. Pay no mind to whinging outlets railing against how such a machine is an affront to all for which a “real” pickup truck stands or that the purchase of one is going to come with a free hakapik with which to club baby seals.

Speaking to the former, most crew-cab pickups are strictly used for hauling sailboat fuel (read: air) anyways; and as for the latter, Canadians should be free to buy whatever type of vehicle they darn well please, even if it is a three-row 4×4 truck used for popping to Circle K.

In the words of Snoop Dogg when he was hawking Ram trucks two decades ago, “if the ride is mo’ fly, then you must buy.” If Ram puts on its big-girl panties and actually builds this thing, instead of just teasing us with it like they did last January, plenty will.

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