Keir Starmer says Joe Biden “was on good form” during their Nato summit amid mounting calls for him to drop out of the presidential race.

The new prime minister met President Biden for the first time just hours before their private talks in the Oval Office.

Starmer was asked by GB News about health concerns relating to the president after actor George Clooney said the 81-year-old should not stand for a second term.

“I was with him [Biden] on a bilateral for what was going to be 45 minutes, it ended up being the best part of an hour”, he said.

Joe Biden and Keir Starmer

Keir Starmer said Biden was on ‘good form’


“We went through a number of issues at pace, strategic issues that we were keen to thrash out and talk through.

“He was on very good form and I was very pleased to talk through those issues with him.”


Christopher Hope and Keir Starmer

Keir Starmer spoke to GB News’s Political Editor, Christopher Hope


Biden is the oldest ever sitting president and is bidding to secure another four-year term by defeating Republican foe Donald Trump at November’s presidential election.

Earlier this month, fears about Biden’s cognitive ability were exacerbated by a poor debate showing against Trump where he suffered repeated moments of hesitation.

But Starmer insisted the issue was not on the agenda at their meeting and they were keen to reaffirm UK-US ties.

He told Christopher Hope: “The special relationship is very important to him, very important to me and very important to our two countries.”

Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Joe Biden performed poorly in his live CNN debate with Donald Trump earlier this month


The point was also raised as the pair faced reporters in the White House, with Starmer telling the president: “The special relationship is so important.

“It’s forged in difficult circumstances, ensured for so long, and stronger now than ever.”

President Biden called the US and UK the “best of allies”, adding the UK was “the transatlantic knot” that ties Nato together with its European members.

Concerns about Biden’s plans to run for re-election were raised to the president during the Oval Office meeting.

He was asked about Clooney’s criticism, but the president opted not to directly respond.

Starmer is looking to form a new security pact with EU nations to strengthen defence co-operation.