Belfast Zoo has installed two new dinosaur exhibits in a bid to help visitors learn about the prehistoric origins of various animals.

The two new attractions – a ‘Dino Nursey’ and a ‘Dino Camp’ – will be permanent features in the zoo with models and recreations of some Jurassic favourites.

Zoo manager Alyn Cairns said the new attractions were installed to create a “fun way” to help visitors learn more.

A ‘Dino Camp’ and ‘Dino Nursery’ have been added to Belfast Zoo

“We wanted to create a fun way for visitors to learn about the link between our animals and their prehistoric ancestors and show them how species adapt and evolve to their changing environment,” he said.

“The fun and informative exhibits will give visitors a chance to learn about the connection between dinosaurs and many species that can be found within the zoo.

“Our new dinosaur exhibits are just the start of our dinosaur journey. The role of a modern zoo is to conserve a wide range of animal species and their habitats and promote education amongst visitors.

“The story of the dinosaur and how the species became extinct is a great way for our visitors to learn about the need for conservation to prevent the extinction of many species on our doorstep and throughout the world, because of hunting and loss of habitat.”

Education officer John Fisher added: “Belfast Zoo is here to inspire, engage and educate our visitors, as well as to actively participate in conservation action for threatened species and habitats. Dinosaurs are a popular topic for children of all ages. Introducing dinosaurs to the zoo is a great opportunity to teach kids about biology, evolution, and conservation.

“Most young children are fascinated by dinosaurs, and studies suggest that curiosity boosts learning. These incredible creatures spark children’s imagination and curiosity, and they offer endless learning opportunities. When children follow their interests, they are more likely to maintain attention and ask questions.”

Belfast Zoo said the project would not have been possible without the help of the following people and organisations: Friends of the Zoo, Botanic Gardens, Zoo gardeners, Zoo maintenance, Clerk Fencing and WJM Building Services.

The new features comes just days after Belfast Zoo played down reports of delays in transferring animals post-Brexit, insisting it hasn’t experienced any delays in sending livestock to European zoos.

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