Voters in Penny Mordaunt’s former seat have said Nigel Farage ‘knows what to do’ after the Conservatives lost the seat.

For the first time since 2005, Portsmouth North swung from Conservatives to Labour with the former Leader of the House of Commons losing her seat to Amanda Martin, the former national President of the teachers’ union, the NEU, with a majority of just 780.

Now, voters in Cosham and Hilsea have been having their say on the seat, which saw Reform come in third and the Liberal Democrats in fourth.

Some praised Mordaunt for her work as a local MP, others said they were not sure who should be the next Tory leader, a position the former Portsmouth North MP was tipped to step up to.

u200bPenny Mordaunt and general view of Portsmouth city

Portsmouth North voters say they ‘have no regrets’ after Penny Mordaunt lost her seat in the General Election

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Carl said: “I voted Labour as I always have done. I think [Martin] is great and I’m glad we’ve got a Labour Government now.”

Sophie Jones added: “Penny’s been a good local MP and it is sad to see her go. I don’t know who will be next Tory leader, I don’t know if there’s anyone there who will be good enough. I don’t really agree with Reform either.”

Richard Carter said: “I just don’t know if Labour actually deserve the majority that they have got. They had less votes than they did under Corbyn. I really don’t know what to think of Starmer.”

Another, Rob, said: “I like Nigel Farage, I’m glad to have voted Reform, I don’t regret it. He has a story, he’s a character. I hope Reform will be opposition. The Tories deserved to lose” with Sarah adding: “Farage knows what to do.”


u200bPortsmouth Conservative Club

Portsmouth Conservative Club

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Others spoke out in favour of former Home Secretary Suella Braverman, who held onto her seat in adjacent Fareham and Waterlooville, despite a swing to Reform and Labour.

Bill, who voted Conservative, added: “I don’t know who I want to take over. It’s all just a bit of a mess really. I don’t like any of them. Not Farage, he’s not for me.”

Another, who asked not to be named, said: “Suella should be the next leader. She’s the one who can defeat Starmer.”

The former Home Secretary criticised the Conservative’s performance in the General Election, blaming “liberal Conservatives” for the defeat. She also called the flying of the Progress Pride flag as “monstrous” something which LGBT+ groups and MPs condemned.

Suella BravermanSuella Braverman said that the Tory’s failed GBNA

Speaking after her loss, Mordaunt said: “You can speak all you like of security and freedom, but you can’t have either if you are afraid.

“Afraid about the cost of living or accessing healthcare, or whether the responsibility you shoulder will be recognised and rewarded. That fear steals the future, and it makes only the present matter. That is why we lost.”