Misinformation. Add that to hunger, thirst and war as existential threats to our survival. In this age of dubious news sources, weaponized artificial intelligence and bad state actors, society has never been so polarized. That’s certainly true of the electric vehicle segment, where bogus studies from both sides of the issue muddy the waters and further confuse consumers.

Today’s guest Dan Caesar, and the team he leads at Fully Charged and Everything Electric, has made it a career to provide honest reporting and balanced viewpoints to the pressing issue of sustainable living, driving and, well, existing. We start off with a chat about the past, present and future of EVs then transition to discussing the upcoming Everything Electric Show taking place in Vancouver in early September. And at the end of the episode, which marks the end of Season 8 of Plugged In, Andrew provides a code to get you 20 per cent off show tickets.

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