Martin Daubney blasted protestors who heckled Nigel Farage at a Reform UK press conference in London on July 5.

Last Friday, several men and women were thrown out of the press conference by security after heckling the leader of Reform UK.

In an exclusive video for GB News members, Daubney spoke about the event explaining: “Nigel Farage was harangued by a few morons. They got into the room somehow and they were shouting out.

“Nigel Farage judo threw back to them saying, ‘You’ve had more to drink at lunch than me! Any more?’

Martin Daubney, Nigel Farage and hecklers

‘Nigel Farage will lap it all up and just keep winning!’ Daubney said

GB News, Getty

“In the end, they were all going ‘boring’ and they got dragged out,” Daubney said.

“Now I know that Nigel loves this sort of stuff. It’s precisely the sort of energy that gets them press. And they all claim to be the tolerant, kind, liberal, sharing lot. They’re not. They’re the precise thing they accuse you of.

“It took me back to Brexit day itself,” Daubney said.

The GB News presenter explained how on that day he was on stage when somebody “charged” at Nigel Farage.

“Instinct kicked in. I stepped in. I got the fella round the neck and I dragged him to the edge of the stage and I shoved him off,” Daubney explained.

“This happens a lot to Nigel who attracts these sorts of people and I think we’re going to see a lot more of it.

“I think these morons are going to keep coming and coming and guess what, Nigel Farage, he’ll lap it all up. If they had half a brain, which they haven’t, they’d ignore him. But they can’t. And that’s why Nigel will just keep winning,” Daubney concluded.