Luxury electric-vehicle manufacturer Lucid is recalling more than 5,000 examples of its Air sedan in the U.S. as well as almost 100 examples in Canada because a software defect could cause a sudden loss of power while driving. More specifically, the recall covers some 5,251 U.S. units and 99 Canadian units built before December 2022, and branded model-year-2022 or -2023.

On affected vehicles, the High Voltage Interlock (HVIL), a safety mechanism designed to interrupt the flow of high-voltage power in the car’s drivetrain during its assembly, maintenance, repair, or inspection, may accidentally turn on not while the vehicle is at rest, as intended, but while it’s in motion. If this happens, the Lucid Air could suddenly lose power while driving, though the fact the car’s 12V battery system remains separate from its principal battery means the cars won’t lose steering or brakes at the same time.

Thankfully, these “intermittent hardware connection faults,” as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) calls them, can be fixed via a software update, which Lucid has already been pushing out to vehicles remotely, over the air, since late June 2024. The automaker has apparently “observed 10 occurrences of unwarned loss of power while driving” in the U.S. already.

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