As l watch TV and read the papers, l try to separate the person from the president. As president, Biden is horrible and is both mentally and physically finished. It’s unfortunate but it shows the weakness of a system that lets individuals hang on for decades. He should have quit when he lost in 1988. As a person, he is having some difficult issues that virtually all of us will face at some point. I feel empathy for him but l feel disgust and contempt for his family and backers who want to take advantage of his last breath for personal gains. I’m certain he’s not fully aware of what his closest allies are doing to him. It’s beyond human to do this and there’s a lot of people who should feel great shame. All l can say is, if you love him let him go. Try doing the right thing for a change.

Bill Jamieson

(It is sad to watch. Millions of people have had to deal with a family member who is suffering from cognitive decline. Whomever is keeping him in this race doesn’t have his best interests at heart)

Having worked for the LCBO for almost six years and recently retired, I am not only insulted but outraged by the premier’s tactics! To take the time to make a video of where to buy alcohol instead of helping people find housing or necessary services is a big snub to all the ladies and gentlemen that are now fighting for their jobs and to all Ontarians. Believe me, people know how to find their own stores to get their booze. He should be ashamed of himself! I know I am.

Nancy Rychel

(It would appear by its success with so many users, the location map is popular with Ontarians)

I was driving east on Eglinton Ave. on the weekend and looked over to see numerous times people on their phones driving. Where are the police when you need them. People, stay off your phones when you are driving. Ridiculous!

Alex Ritchie

(The call can wait a few minutes. Or go hands free)