OTTAWA — A group of agencies that certify Kosher meat are in court today to ask for an injunction against Canadian Food Inspection Agency guidelines for the ritual slaughter of animals.

Kosher meat calls for animals to be slaughtered without first being stunned.

While the Kosher method of slaughtering animal for meat is allowed in Canada, the food inspection agency posted guidelines in 2021 outlining how abattoirs must determine if an animal is unconscious and can no longer feel pain.

The Kosher groups argue that achieving the criteria is seriously slowing down production to the point abattoirs no longer want to provide the service, and has reduced access to Kosher meet in Canada.

Jewish ritual slaughter practices are nearly identical to Islamic practices for Halal meat, and though the Halal Monitoring Authority Canada hasn’t seen a drop in the production, the organization says it stands with the Jewish community on this issue.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency did not immediately respond to a request for comment.