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Ellen DeGeneres says her current comedy tour will be her last.

After her Netflix special airs later this year, the former talk show host says she is calling it quits from Hollywood.

“This is the last time you’re going to see me,” she told her fans during a Q&A session following a July 1 show in Santa Rosa, Calif., reports

“After my Netflix special, I’m done.”

It’s been two years since she ended The Ellen DeGeneres Show amid allegations from former employees that executive producers and other senior managers created a toxic work environment when the cameras weren’t rolling, according to a 2020 Buzzfeed report.

The 66-year-old comedian was accused of getting rid of employees who took medical leaves and, according to one viral social media post, allegedly fired someone for looking at her and speaking to her.

“Let me catch you up on what’s been going on with me since you last saw me,” she said July 1 as the audience laughed. “I got chickens.

“Oh yeah, and I got kicked out of show business for being mean,” she added.


While admitting she had been harsh and a very immature boss, DeGeneres hasn’t apologized for her actions or management’s conduct following the report of the alleged conduct.

“I used to say, ‘I don’t care what people say about me.’ Now I realize I said that during the height of my popularity,” she said during the comedy show.

But DeGeneres did point out that it was the second time she was cancelled, the first for coming out as a lesbian in the late 1990s.

“Next time, I’ll be kicked out for being old,” she joked. “Old, gay and mean, the triple crown.”

DeGeneres also commented about how male and female bosses come across differently to staffers.

“I can be demanding and impatient and tough. I am a strong woman,” she said.

“I am many things, but I am not mean,” she added, explaining that her intent was not to hurt others.

Her comedy tour, Ellen’s Last Stand … Up, continues through to August.

While show dates in Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago were cancelled earlier this month, DeGeneres is set to perform at Toronto’s Meridian Hall on Aug. 5.