An apparent golf game celebration turned into a damaged Porsche and charges for a 41-year-old driver from Oakville on Tuesday night.

OPP Highway Safety Division posted on social media Wednesday images of the yellow luxury vehicle with its left front end and passenger door badly damaged.

Police said the incident happened on Highway 401 near James Snow Parkway.

Mississauga OPP quoted the driver as saying, “I shot 87 on the golf course!!”

In their post to X (formerly Twitter), OPP countered that the man also scored a 90-day licence suspension, seven-day vehicle impoundment, and charge of refusing a breath sample.

The police post ended with the hashtag #ArriveAlive.

Yellow Porsche post accident
Images from OPP of a Porsche involved in a wreck on Highway 401 near James Snow Parkway on Tuesday, July 9, 2024.Photo by @OPP_HSD (X account)

Reaction on X wasn’t very sympathetic to the unnamed driver of the distinct vehicle.

“Drives a Porsche, thinks 87 is a good enough score to get hammered on then drive, think we have appendage dimension issues here,” one commenter wrote.

Another wondered: “When you impound a car in that state, do you collect all the bits that come off and that are scattered across the highway into a bag and stow it in the trunk?”

One X user summed it up: “He doesn’t deserve such a fine car.”

“Silver lining is that insurance won’t cover this due to DUI. That’s roughly $50k in out of pocket repairs,” another commenter estimated.

But one poster got the last laugh, writing: “I got a hole in one … of my cars!”