A Gen Z Trump supporter says she has “lost friends” after choosing to back the former President ahead of the US election in November.

Donald Trump is currently leading in the latest election polling across the US, following Biden’s disastrous performance in their head to head debate.

Speaking to GBN America, young voter Grace Guentzel opened up on her political journey having started out as a progressive Democrat, before switching her allegiance to Trump.

Donald Trump and Grace Guentzel

Gen Z Trump supporter Grace Guentzel says she has ‘lost friends’ as a result of backing the former President

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When asked by host Patrick Christys about how she changed her support from the Democrats to the Republicans, Guentzel explained: “I was raised as a Democrat and surrounded myself with a lot of like minded people in that respect.

“I was a fellow for Mission for Arizona, which was part of the Arizona Democrat campaign. But I went to college and eventually started to see opposing opinions, and I started to understand that there’s a lot more outside of my own worldview.”

When asked on what specifically drew her to the Republican policies, Guentzel said: “It was a lot of things, especially a lot of social issues.

“Abortion, the concept of letting biological men compete in women’s competitions and sports, gun rights, and illegal immigration.”

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is currently leading Joe Biden in the election polls ahead of August’s convention


Highlighting that her switch in political view has “lost her some friends” and caused friction with her family as a result, Guentzel told GBNA: “My family hasn’t obviously liked it, but we just don’t have those kinds of conversations.


“With my peers, it’s a little bit different because I feel like the left is less tolerant and unaccepting of people of opposing views, because I feel like when I was progressive, I was still welcomed by conservatives and people of that kind of political ideology.

“But I think since I’ve kind of become more conservative, I have been met with a lot more hostility by the left and obviously have lost some friends and things of that nature. But I guess it is what it is, I’m not going to lie and kind of hide my opinions.”

Sharing his thoughts on the “politics of the left”, Patrick claimed that it has become a merged “hyper woke agenda” that has issues “like LGBT really rammed down children’s throats”.

Noting Guentzel’s particular views on transgender men competing in women’s sports, Patrick asked her why issues such as that mean “so much to her”.

Grace Guentzel

Guentzel said the left side of politics is ‘less tolerant’ of the right


Guentzel responded: “I think for me, it’s just got exhausting. I feel like it’s being shoved down people’s throats and it’s almost like it doesn’t feel like they’re pushing for equality now.

“It feels like just they’re kind of shoving this ideology down your throat, and it’s almost gotten comical, the ideas that they’re pushing.

“They don’t even see the difference now between biological men and biological women. So I think that’s kind of some of the big issues I have with it.”