Just how bad is traffic on Highway 401?

A video posted Tuesday to X shows a silver-coloured BMW SUV driver illegally getting off the jam-packed 401 near Dixie Rd. in Mississauga via a grass field to merge with an adjacent road.

At the end of the 26-second clip, you can see the BMW driver is actually following a flatbed truck carrying some kind of machinery, so apparently the bad BMW driver was following someone else’s bad driving example.

The caption of the post by of account @401_da_sarpanch, billed as “Canada’s #1 Trucking Page,” reads: “Driver off-roads to take exit. Highway 401/Dixie.”

Many people reacting to the video were not impressed.

“I hate people. I drive on the 401 every week between Toronto and Montreal and I’m shocked how poorly people drive,” one person wrote.

“Too bad a sink hole wouldn’t open up,” darkly commented another.

Others zeroed in on the vehicle make.

“Oh look another BMW driver,” wrote one.

“Looks like another entitled BMW,” posted another user.

Others, however, admitted either they knew about this shortcut or had done the same thing previously.

“That exact area is famous for ducking out (of) the 401 parking lot,” one person noted, while another wrote, “That’s been there for decades. I’ve used it a few times but don’t get caught.”

“Seen this car exit path used a few times when traffic stops on the 401. Used it myself once,” another X user confessed.