Allegations against a former Calgary bar owner accused of raping an employee after a night on the town were dropped Tuesday, mid-trial.

Crown prosecutor Tara Wells said after a review of the evidence in the case she had come to the conclusion the allegation against Grant Lee Cichacki should be stayed.

Defence counsel Alain Hepner told Justice Heather Lamoureux that he believed Wells made the correct decision after he called four witnesses in the trial, including his client.

“I appreciate my friend not seeking a conviction on this. We’ve discussed it and I think as an officer of the court, that’s exemplary,” Hepner said, before Lamoureux adjourned court.

Cichacki faced a Dec. 28, 2022, charge of sexual assault in connection with allegations he forced himself on an 18-year-old employee at one of the four Calgary clubs he held an ownership interest in at the time.

Cichacki said since that allegation surfaced, followed by more from other women, he’s been forced to sell off his share of the clubs.

His alleged victim was clearly upset by Wells’ decision, unleashing an expletive-laced verbal attack at Cichacki and two friends who testified on his behalf.

Both Matt Darroch and Ryan Scott gave evidence suggesting the sexual contact between Cichacki and the complainant was consensual.

“All of you are f—–g bastards,” she said, as the three men and Hepner headed toward a courthouse elevator.

As the woman charged toward the elevator door, she was restrained by a female supporter, while another supporter slammed the door as it closed.

The woman had testified Monday that she had gone for drinks with Cichacki and others following a Dec. 27, 2022, shift at the bar where she worked.

But she said after being handed a drink by Cichacki at Cowboys Casino, she lost almost all memory of the rest of the evening, save for a brief recollection of a phone call with her roommate before awakening with her boss having intercourse with her.

Her former roommate, who was called to testify by Hepner, said she saw Cichacki, the complainant and Darroch at the bar where the two women worked later on the morning the sexual assault allegedly occurred.

“She had mentioned she was hungover, or not feeling well,” the witness told Hepner.

“Everyone was like joking, and everything seemed fine.”

She said the complainant didn’t show any animosity towards either man when they departed the bar.

“She gave them a hug when they left,” she said.

Darroch also gave evidence which seemed to support Cichacki’s version of events.

The accused testified Monday he had supplied blankets and pillows for the complainant, Darroch and another friend who had gone back to his residence following their night out.

He said a short time later the woman knocked on his door and asked if she could sleep in his bed with him, and that eventually led to consensual sex.

Darroch testified Cichacki supplied them with blankets and pillows before retiring to his bedroom for the night.

Cichacki, 43, still faces similar allegations from six other women who came forward after the initial charge was laid.

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