OTTAWA — Canadian security officials are warning of a Russian propaganda campaign that is spreading online disinformation on social-media site X.

The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security says individuals affiliated with RT, formerly known as Russia Today, have been using a social-media bot farm at the direction of the Russian government.

Officials say fake social-media users create to spread disinformation often posed as Americans and promote messages in support of Russian government objectives.

Canada, along with the United States and Netherlands, have been working together to disrupt the disinformation campaign, but officials warn that similar activity could pop up on other sites.

Last month, NATO’s secretary-general Jens Stoltenberg cautioned during a visit to Canada that disinformation is a threat to the defensive alliance and its efforts to arm Ukraine against Russia’s invasion.

The warning also comes as American and Canadian officials grapple with how to counter foreign attempts to disrupt elections using AI and disinformation.