Angel Adoree, 46, recently clapped back at her husband Dick Strawbridge, 64, after he claimed she was competitive, leaving her to demand that he let her speak and explain herself.

Adoree and Strawbridge have come to the end of an era with their son and celebrated his last days of primary school – with the 46-year-old admitting that she had cried a lot at the thought.

During their latest podcast episode – Dick & Angel… Chat-eu – the couple discussed their busy week and recalled the community fair they had attended.

Adoree admitted that she wasn’t too sure as to how the games worked but was sure that it was a case of getting the most points and winning – something she quickly realised wasn’t the case.

However, after she claimed that she wasn’t competitive, Strawbridge quickly laughed and began to refute her claim, before defending herself.

The 64-year-old noted: “We were against a team, and it was interesting because the youngest member on their team was probably a teenager and there were about 4 adults!

Angel Adoree and Dick Strawbridge

Angel and Dick celebrated their son Arthur leaving school


“No mercy and we beat them, with our little team of ad-hoc kids running around. They were taking it very seriously.”

Adoree added: “They were and they were a really athletic family, you could just tell! But they were let down by their son who just kept grabbing the ball and missing because he just… you know.”

Laughing at the thought, Strawbridge continued: “There is a lesson, there is no I in the team. Our little team and Julie were up to the knees of some of them! I wouldn’t talk about it if I was you!

“We wanted to get that written up and attached to our piece of paper,” before Adoree calmly claimed: “I’m not competitive!”

Arthur Strawbridge

Angel admitted to crying a lot at her son leaving son


The comment left Strawbridge to roar with laughter and exclaim: “Oh my goodness…”

Before he could continue, his wife was adamant to explain herself and jibed: “Don’t interrupt me, let me explain. I am not a sporty person.

“I am not and because of that, I have not been that competitive and I just haven’t had that culture growing up about entering lots of competitions.

“So, I haven’t got the competitiveness, but it has come much later when I have been with you and being around your family, who are all fiercely competitive to the point where they have no mercy and they will cheat whatever it takes.”

Strawbridge disagreed with the word “cheat” and corrected his wife: “Cheat? I say flexing the rules… but to be fair when you are one of seven kids!”

The couple recently applauded the milestone on their Instagram and shared a montage of images from the party which they threw for their son and his friends.

Adoree and Strawbridge captioned the post: “It’s been beautiful and emotional! Our sweet little boy, who was known to the teachers as the ‘friendly giant’, finished primary school forever.

“The class of CM2 and all the teachers celebrated with a ‘Boum’ at the Chateau on Friday night. The sun was golden…there was plenty of laughter, tears and photos…the perfect end to what’s been an incredible part of our journey.

“Here’s to the end of an era and a new beginning! Have a lovely Sunday.” (sic)