A transgender woman announced that she wants a uterus transplanted into her body just so she can abort it.

The unidentified person is seen in a resurfaced clip that has gone viral again and caused even more outrage the second time around as the internet couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

In the clip, the trans woman says she want to be the guinea pig as far as uterus implants go — “ovaries and eggs included.”

She continued: “I will let a doctor cut the organs out of a willing, healthy, trans-masculine donor, place them in my body, I will devote myself heart and soul to their after-care.”

She detailed that she will have “as much gay sex as it takes with as many trans women as it takes and let the transphobes and homophones scratch their heads wondering what to make of it and I want to be the first trans woman to have an abortion.”

The clip was first featured on The Megyn Kelly Show last year (around the 55:25 mark).

The footage has since appeared online again and while many suspected the video is fake and was created for attention, other first-time viewers of the video were shocked and triggered.

“This man wants to mutilate his body, transplant ovaries and a uterus so that he can conceive a child, all with the goal of killing that innocent child,” X user Kristan Hawkins captioned the clip, which has more than two million views.

Another called it “premeditated murder” while a third person wrote: “Watching that made my soul hurt …”

A fourth wondered, “I can’t figure what’s more evil, this person or the medical professionals willing to perform the work to make this possible.”


Uterus transplants have been successful for years, including the first mother-to-daughter surgery in Sweden in 2012.

In 2017, the first baby from a uterus transplant in the United States was born in Dallas.

Meanwhile, trans men can become pregnant only if they still have their female reproductive organs, though there is no official data on how many have actually given birth.