West Tyrone Westminster candidate Daniel McCrossan MLA has said he is disgusted by the removal of his posters in Omagh town centre.

The SDLP politician said that around 15 posters have been cut down and were later found destroyed in a rural area outside the Tyrone town.

Mr McCrossan has reported the incident to police.

Last week, some of his posters were removed from posts and torn in half in Artigarvan.

“It’s incredibly disheartening that my posters have already been targeted twice during this election campaign,” he said.

“After seeing my posters taken down and cut in half in Artigarvan a large number of them have been removed from Omagh town centre, destroyed and dumped in the middle of nowhere. The posters have been cut so many times they are now unusable, with repeated knife marks through the poster where my face is displayed.

“I have represented this constituency, the place where I’ve lived all my life, for a number of years and have done my best to be an MLA that works for everyone in West Tyrone. I understand that we will not always agree politically, but there can be no justification for the continued targeting of my posters during this election. Whatever your view on posters, they remain a part of elections here and an attack on them is an attack on the democratic process.

“I have regretfully reported this latest theft to police and would urge those engaging in this behaviour to stop at once. These posters will be replaced at significant cost, but let me absolutely clear, nobody will intimidate me or stop me from working to be an MP that actually shows up and delivers for the people of West Tyrone.”

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