To keep our readers abreast of the situation, we bring you an update on the identity of the Edmonton Oilers fan who flashed her breasts for all of the world to see.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet “Kate.”

The big reveal came Monday night from the crew at Spittin’ Chiclets — who else? — as Paul Bissonnette and Co. interviewed the internet’s favourite Canadian hockey fan ahead of Game 2 of the Stanley Cup final between the Oilers and Florida Panthers on Monday night.

To recap, the Oilers fan went viral for flashing her breasts during the team’s Game 5 win over the Dallas Stars in the Western Conference final.

She was immediately approached by several porn sites eager to work with her.

While the woman left nothing to the imagination in her moment of notoriety, she has otherwise been shrouded in mystery.

Until now.

“Still trying to be in the witness relocation program a little bit here,” Kate jokingly told the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast while donning oversized sunglasses and a cap.

Kate was asked what prompted her to lift her Oilers jersey and flash her breasts.

“The handful of cheesies I ate all day and the eight Truly’s (hard selzter) I drank in the first period, it was definitely inspiring,” she said.

Later in the interview, posted on the social-media site X, Kate takes her sunglasses off as she answers more questions, including whether she knows who posted the infamous flash.

“It was on Twitter and … I can’t even remember now. I got it removed and I was like, ‘OK, it’s gone. We dealt with it.’ And it came back with a vengeance,” she said.


Bissonnette chimes in with a more hard-hitting question, asking her if her breasts are natural or surgically enhanced.

“No, they are not real,” Kate responds.

Back to the on-ice product, the Oilers were looking to rebound from a Game 1 defeat against Florida. Edmonton is trying to capture its sixth Stanley Cup championship in franchise history and its first since 1990. Edmonton also is looking to become the first Canadian team to hoist the Cup since the Montreal Canadiens in 1993.