Canada is often the butt of jokes in American TV shows and movies as “the land of taxes.” But it is true. In Canada, you cannot earn a dollar, spend a dollar, save or invest a dollar without the government taking a piece of it. And with a stroke of a pen, the Liberal government can apply a new tax to anything they think will bring in a windfall (isn’t that excess profit?) without having to produce anything in exchange or show that they are getting “value for money” when they frivolously shovel it out the door to projects (often vote-buying schemes) of dubious benefit. They are claiming to be “helping Canadians,” while bankrupting them and the country in the process. In Canada, the only way for a “regular person” to get ahead is to win a tax-free lottery prize.

Tony Borbely


(The high tax burden on Canadians has had such an adverse affect on our ability to invest and put away savings for retirement. But Trudeau is so out of touch he has no clue what is going on in daily realities for Canadians.)


I don’t suppose Stephen Lecce has a twin brother. While his intelligence and common sense will be a boon to energy, our education system will now be stranded in the hands of the fluffy left ideology. Lecce has pushed for actual math and science education, which would have set our kids up for success. So sad.

J. Conway


(Don’t dismiss Todd Smith too quickly, he has done well in other portfolios — it is expected he will be effective in education, too.)


American voters are in conflict with what to do in this coming presidential election since neither candidates are liked. Are we facing the same here in Canada since our prime minister is not liked very much, but then neither is the opposition leader? Although the election is still far away, more than a year, polls can change and will change. Thing is, who is there to replace our PM? No one candidate has shown much interest, no one is coming forward to take over the Liberal leadership. Given that scenario, I prefer our prime minister.

Anant Nagpur


(Canadians have settled on the fact it is time for a change — that doesn’t bode well for the Liberals.)