Who could fail to be moved on the anniversary of D-Day to hear the tales of courage and sacrifice? It has been inspirational to see the veterans turn out and pay their tributes to the fallen.

I was especially gratified to see so many people turn out to Grays war memorial to attend the laying of the wreaths. It was a huge turnout for a weekday.

It’s a reminder that whatever the noise and negativity about the state of the nation we hear on social media, at the end of the day the British public are respectful and decent.

They do recognise the debt that we all owe to those who fought to keep us free. It’s a reminder too that we should not take these freedoms for granted.

“At the end of this Election there are only one of two people who are likely to be Prime Minister. They are Rishi Sunak or Keir Starmer,” says Jackie Doyle-Price


This is especially important as we head towards the General Election. We are lucky that we have had forebears prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice so that we can elect our own Governments.

And we should remember that there are people all over the world who do not enjoy the rights that we have. These rights are precious and should not be taken for granted.

At the end of this Election there are only one of two people who are likely to be Prime Minister. They are Rishi Sunak or Keir Starmer.

Nigel Farage may add to the gaiety of the nation but he will never be Prime Minister. He will no doubt enjoy four weeks in sunny Clacton railing against immigrants and bashing the establishment but he will never do more than make a lot of noise. And for someone who claims to have Conservative values his campaign to take our votes will simply cede victory for Labour.

As a Conservative Member of Parliament I have dedicated much energy to fighting for women. We have seen the integrity of women’s sport undermined as male athletes identifying as women are welcomed into women’s sporting competitions.

I have had to fight to keep male sex offenders out of women’s prisons. I have been accused of peddling hate for simply stating that being a woman is a matter of biology not identity.

Women should not have to share their spaces with biological males on the basis that they ‘identify’ as women. And those who hold such views are not as Labour’s David Lammy has said ‘dinosaurs hoarding their rights’.

When Labour MP Rosie Duffield pointed out that only women have a cervix, Keir Starmer said that it was wrong and should not have been said. A Labour majority Government will have licence to keep pushing all this nonsense.

And the simple truth is that a vote for Reform will simply give more seats to Keir Starmer.

You may well feel a momentary high for voting for that nice Mr Farage on polling day and sticking it to the established parties.But the politically correct woke policies which will follow will prove quite a heavy hangover.

And our world has never been so uncertain Russia is at war with Ukraine. China poses risks to us. The first duty of our Government is to keep us safe.

D-Day commemorations remind us just how lucky so many of us are to have never experienced the day to day challenge of being at war – the hiding in the bomb shelters, the rationing of food.

Its luck that we have perhaps taken for granted for too long. So when you come to cast your votes on July 4th remember that you are exercising an important right that many have died to protect. And the choice you make will determine how safe we will be. It is a serious choice to make. It will deliver our Government for the next five years. Don’t waste your vote on Reform.