Welcome to the 2024 Belfast Telegraph Top 100 Companies in partnership with Grant Thornton.

A big thank you to independent economist Maureen O’Reilly for compiling the Top 100 and providing her informed analysis of what it tells us about the Northern Ireland economy.

We are grateful that Economy Minister Conor Murphy has given us his support by taking the time to write a foreword to our publication, and wish him all the best with fulfilling his economic vision.

It is gratifying to be presenting this year’s Top 100 in an atmosphere of renewed optimism for Northern Ireland.

An Executive has been installed for four months now, and the First and Deputy First Ministers have been doing a great job of showcasing Northern Ireland as a vibrant and stable location.

Business long lamented the absence of an Executive, so it’s now fitting to give credit to the ministers who are working hard for Northern Ireland against a challenging fiscal backdrop.

The annual Top 100 is a record of the most successful companies in Northern Ireland, mainly measured by level of pre-tax profits using publicly available accounts filed at Companies House by April 30 2024.

For Belfast Harbour, we have used an annual report published on its website.