Week-long military training exercises will be conducted in Northumberland, Hastings and Prince Edward counties in central Ontario beginning later this week.

The Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces say members of the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command will be conducting training throughout the counties from June 12 to June 18.

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Training will be specifically centred around the communities of Campbellford, Quinte West, Stirling, Tweed, Picton and Belleville.

Officials say residents may notice an “increase” in military vehicles and aircraft, as well as uniformed and non-uniformed military personnel with firearms. There may also be noises associated with explosives and small firearms in the training exercises — the result of “simulated and blank ammunition and explosives.”

“Military exercises in urban and rural environments that are unknown to our personnel leads to greater expertise that enable us to serve the national interest wherever we operate,” the military stated.

“The Canadian Special Operations Forces Command is extremely thankful for the support of local landowners and the understanding of the communities within which it conducts valuable training.”