Kate is “entirely within her rights” to make more health announcements but it’s “up to the Princess of Wales”, a royal commentator has claimed.

The mother-of-three recorded a video from her home Adelaide Cottage in March to announce she had begun a course of preventative chemotherapy.

This followed an “abhorrent” period of social media speculation about Kate’s whereabouts, according to royal commentator Gareth Russell.

The princess, 42, was hospitalised for 13 days in January after undergoing major abdominal surgery, which caused Kate to retreat from public duties.

Kate should ‘not feel obligated to go on camera’ about her health, commentator claims


Her video announcement in March led to an outpouring of support for the Princess of Wales, with fans, celebrities and politicians wishing Kate a speedy recovery.

Gareth Russell spoke exclusively to GB News to explain whether or not Kate would consider making future health announcements.

He said: “Anything is possible. If the Princess of Wales decides to make another video, that is entirely within her right.

“I would hope that no member of the British Royal Family would feel obligated to go on camera, especially while they are battling one of the most severe illnesses imaginable, solely to reassure scandal mongers and gossip mongers in the United States.

Kate Middleton

Kate has not been seen in public since December 2023


“The Princess of Wales was always going to make an announcement about her health like she did earlier this year.

“I don’t believe that she did so simply because several late-night chat shows decided that her health was a punchline.

“It is worth remembering that public figures are not public property.

“Simply because there is feebled, unchecked and often horrendous speculation by people who should know better, it does not mean that public figures are required to pull them in at the reins or to quieten the speculation by putting their own recovery and health at risk.

Kate Middleton

Kate ‘was always going to make an announcement about her health’, a commentator has claimed


Kate Middleton

Princess Kate announced in March that she had been diagnosed with cancer

Kensington Palace

“So it’s possible that the Princess of Wales will make another announcement, but I hope very much that is up to her.”

The royal author added: “It was very interesting to see just how thin the hypocrisy is on social media about a woman’s right to her body and a woman’s right to privacy.

“All the things that have been campaigned for so importantly were all of a sudden completely stripped away by people online.

“The speculation of the Princess of Wales earlier this year was absolutely abhorrent. Some of it was truly heinous, there’s no other word for it than it was morally wrong.”